An Integrative Care Model of Clinical Pathway Approach for Acute Pain after Back Surgery: A Protocol for Clinical Trial

요추 수술 후 급성기 통증 환자에 대한 통합의학 표준임상경로 임상시험 프로토콜

  • Received : 2017.09.14
  • Accepted : 2017.10.10
  • Published : 2017.10.31


Objectives Clinical pathway (CP), is management plans that display goals for patients and have led to improve outcomes for many diseases. In Korea, Interest in Korean medicine's stabilization (Clinical pathway, Clinical Practice Guideline) is increasing, But the number of studies is scare. Method and Analysis This trials composes nonequivalent control group pretest-posttest design to conduct clincal pathway trial for the acute pain after back surgery. The subjects were 10 control patients with back surgery, and 10 experimental patients with application of integrative CP. Each group patient will observed 6 weeks. We check validation of CP. Also we compared the patient's status using the pain, function, Quality of life index between the two groups. Discussion This trial is the first CP for the acute pain after back surgery using integrative medicine concepts. Aim of this trial is to find the effectiveness and validity of clincal pathway for acute pain after back surgery.


Clinical pathway;Acute pain after back surgery;Integrative medicine;Protocol


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