Technical Trends and Issues Related to Maintenance/Inspection Drones for Ships or Offshore Plants

선박/해양플랜트 유지보수 점검용 드론의 기술현황과 과제

  • Kim, Kyunghwa (Future Technology Research Team, Korean Register of Shipping (KR)) ;
  • Chun, Kangwoo (Future Technology Research Team, Korean Register of Shipping (KR))
  • 김경화 ((사)한국선급 미래기술연구팀) ;
  • 천강우 ((사)한국선급 미래기술연구팀)
  • Received : 2017.05.31
  • Accepted : 2017.08.28
  • Published : 2017.08.31


Drones, which were first developed for the military use, have been widely applied in various industrial fields through the rapid development of element technology. Following this trend, the marine industry has started to utilize drones for maintenance and inspection purposes, especially, in Europe. To extend the use of drones in the marine industry, this paper first discusses the necessity of drones for the marine use by presenting problems related to maintenance and inspection works on ships and offshore plants. In addition, the technical levels of advanced countries where drones have been commercialized already in the marine industry are mentioned. Furthermore, technical challenges that must be solved are explained in preparation for a drone era in the marine industry. Lastly, the potential growth of the drone market in the marine industry is considered.


Grant : 선박/해양플랜트 유지보수 점검용 드론 핵심 기술개발 기획연구

Supported by : 한국해양과학기술진흥원


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