A Study on the Recognition of Face Based on CNN Algorithms

CNN 알고리즘을 기반한 얼굴인식에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2017.12.30


Recently, technologies are being developed to recognize and authenticate users using bioinformatics to solve information security issues. Biometric information includes face, fingerprint, iris, voice, and vein. Among them, face recognition technology occupies a large part. Face recognition technology is applied in various fields. For example, it can be used for identity verification, such as a personal identification card, passport, credit card, security system, and personnel data. In addition, it can be used for security, including crime suspect search, unsafe zone monitoring, vehicle tracking crime.In this thesis, we conducted a study to recognize faces by detecting the areas of the face through a computer webcam. The purpose of this study was to contribute to the improvement in the accuracy of Recognition of Face Based on CNN Algorithms. For this purpose, We used data files provided by github to build a face recognition model. We also created data using CNN algorithms, which are widely used for image recognition. Various photos were learned by CNN algorithm. The study found that the accuracy of face recognition based on CNN algorithms was 77%. Based on the results of the study, We carried out recognition of the face according to the distance. Research findings may be useful if face recognition is required in a variety of situations. Research based on this study is also expected to improve the accuracy of face recognition.