Design of a CPW-fed Double-Dipole Quasi-Yagi Antenna

CPW 급전 이중 다이폴 준-야기 안테나 설계

  • Yeo, Junho (School of Computer and Communication Engineering/Information and Communication Research Center, Daegu University) ;
  • Lee, Jong-Ig (Division of Mechatronics Engineering, Dongseo University)
  • Received : 2018.07.25
  • Accepted : 2018.08.20
  • Published : 2018.11.30


A method for designing a DDQYA fed by a CPW is proposed in this paper. The proposed CPW-fed DDQYA consists of two series-connected strip dipoles, a ground reflector, and a strip-pair director. Instead of the conventional microstrip feed line in which the signal line is located on the substrate opposite to the antenna, a CPW is used because CPW is located on the same side with the antenna, and so the fabrication is easy. The strip-pair director is composed of two horizontally-separated strips, and it is added above the second dipole to enhance the gain in the high frequency region. A prototype of the proposed CPW-fed DDQYA is fabricated on an FR4 substrate. The fabricated antenna has a frequency band of 1.66-3.38 GHz(68.3%) for a voltage standing wave ratio < 2, and measured gain ranges 5.0-7.3 dBi over a frequency band of 1.60-2.90 GHz.

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Fig. 1 Configuration of proposed CPW-fed DDQYA

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Fig. 2 Design procedure of the proposed CPW-fed DDQYA: (a) without director, (b) with single strip director, and (c) with strip-pair director(proposed)

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Fig. 3 Performance comparison for three antenna structures in Fig. 2: (a) input VSWR and (b) gain

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Fig. 4 Effect of lf2 on Input VSWR and gain characteristics: (a) VSWR and (b) gain

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Fig. 5 Photograph of fabricated antenna

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Fig. 6 Performance of fabricated antenna: (a) inputVSWR and (b) gain

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Fig. 7 Measured radiation patterns of fabricated antenna: (a) 1.8 GHz, (b) 2.4 GHz, and (c) 3.0 GHz

Table. 1 Final design parameters of proposed CPW-fed DDQYA

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