Optimal PID Controller Design for DC Motor Speed Control System with Tracking and Regulating Constrained Optimization via Cuckoo Search

  • Received : 2017.06.03
  • Accepted : 2017.08.14
  • Published : 2018.01.01


Metaheuristic optimization approach has become the new framework for control synthesis. The main purposes of the control design are command (input) tracking and load (disturbance) regulating. This article proposes an optimal proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller design for the DC motor speed control system with tracking and regulating constrained optimization by using the cuckoo search (CS), one of the most efficient population-based metaheuristic optimization techniques. The sum-squared error between the referent input and the controlled output is set as the objective function to be minimized. The rise time, the maximum overshoot, settling time and steady-state error are set as inequality constraints for tracking purpose, while the regulating time and the maximum overshoot of load regulation are set as inequality constraints for regulating purpose. Results obtained by the CS will be compared with those obtained by the conventional design method named Ziegler-Nichols (Z-N) tuning rules. From simulation results, it was found that the Z-N provides an impractical PID controller with very high gains, whereas the CS gives an optimal PID controller for DC motor speed control system satisfying the preset tracking and regulating constraints. In addition, the simulation results are confirmed by the experimental ones from the DC motor speed control system developed by analog technology.

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0001.png 이미지

Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of DC motor

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0002.png 이미지

Fig. 2. DC motor plant

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0003.png 이미지

Fig. 3. DC motor plant testing rig

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0004.png 이미지

Fig. 4. Plots of actual speed response and plant model

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0005.png 이미지

Fig. 5. PID control loop

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0006.png 이미지

Fig. 6. Tracking and regulating purposes

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0007.png 이미지

Fig. 7. CS-based PID control design optimization

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0008.png 이미지

Fig. 8. Flow diagram of CS algorithms

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0009.png 이미지

Fig. 9. Convergent rates of objective function

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0010.png 이미지

Fig. 10. Responses without and with PID designed by Z-N

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0011.png 이미지

Fig. 11. Responses without and with PID designed by CS

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0012.png 이미지

Fig. 12. DC motor speed control system testing rig

E1EEFQ_2018_v13n1_460_f0013.png 이미지

Fig. 13. System responses (experimental results)


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