Study on Development of LED Camping Light Design Based on IOT and Emotional Lighting Contents

IOT 및 감성조명 콘텐츠 기반의 LED 캠핑등 디자인 개발에 관한 연구

  • Kim, Hee-Jun
  • 김희준
  • Received : 2018.09.18
  • Accepted : 2018.10.29
  • Published : 2018.12.28


This study is aimed at suggesting information about technical choices for designing LED camping lights based on emotional lighting contents of integrated IOT and design areas which take a central role in creation and knowledge based industries and the procedure for materializing them. 'i-Light,' a portable LED camping light, is 'connected lighting' connecting men, space and emotion and a smart camping light based on IOT and emotional lighting contents. 'i-Light' has two functions. One is about lighting for adjusting color and color temperature naturally and the other is about safety for detecting harmful gases. 'i-Light' also has various emotional functions for experiencing interaction and taste of light. For the purpose, portable LED camping lights were designed, first of all, and then a highly color rendering/full-color lighting module, a smart sensor module and an IOT device platform were developed. In addition, efforts were made to establish detailed data about emotional lighting contents and to develop a Web application based on them. Finally, prototypes of portable LED camping lights were made to get a test bench and usability evaluation from related organizations. According to the results, all of 12 developed emotional lighting contents and three IOT safety sensors were suitable and prototypes were satisfactory. This paper will suggest a direction about actual technical choices for development of contents and products integrating artificial intelligence and big data and about the procedure for materializing them.


Smart Lighting;IoT:Internet of Things;Emotional Contents Design


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