Fuzzy PID Control by Grouping of Membership Functions of Fuzzy Antecedent Variables with Neutrosophic Set Approach and 3-D Position Tracking Control of a Robot Manipulator

  • Received : 2017.03.23
  • Accepted : 2017.10.24
  • Published : 2018.03.01


This paper aims to design of the neutrosophic fuzzy-PID controller and it has been compared with the conventional fuzzy-PID controller for position tracking control in terms of robustness. In the neutrosophic fuzzy-PID controller, error (e) and change of error (ce) were assessed separately on two fuzzy inference systems (FISs). In this study, the designed method is different from the conventional fuzzy logic controller design, membership degrees of antecedent variables were determined by using the T(true), I(indeterminacy), and F(false) membership functions. These membership functions are grouped on the universe of discourse with the neutrosophic set approach. These methods were tested on three-dimensional (3-D) position-tracking control application of a spherical robot manipulator in the MATLAB Simulink. In all tests, reference trajectory was defined for movements of all axes of the robot manipulator. According to the results of the study, when the moment of inertia of the rotor is changed, less overshoot ratio and less oscillation are obtained in the neutrosophic fuzzy-PID controller. Thus, our suggested method is seen to be more robust than the fuzzy-PID controllers.


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