Determination of Additives Content in Aviation Turbine Fuel Using Multi-dimensional GC-MS

Multi-dimensional GC-MS를 이용한 항공터빈유의 첨가제 분석

  • Youn, Ju Min (Research Institute of Petroleum Technology, Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority) ;
  • Jang, Yoon Mi (Research Institute of Petroleum Technology, Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority) ;
  • Yim, Eui Soon (Research Institute of Petroleum Technology, Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority) ;
  • Kim, Seong Lyong (Propulsion Test and Evaluation Team, Korea Aerospace Research Institute) ;
  • Kang, Yong (Department of Chemical Engineering, Chungnam National University)
  • 연주민 (한국석유관리원 석유기술연구소) ;
  • 장윤미 (한국석유관리원 석유기술연구소) ;
  • 임의순 (한국석유관리원 석유기술연구소) ;
  • 김성룡 (한국항공우주연구원 추진시험평가팀) ;
  • 강용 (충남대학교 응용화학공학과)
  • Received : 2018.10.23
  • Accepted : 2018.12.24
  • Published : 2018.12.31


To improve fuel performance and specific characteristics of long storage and moving through fuel systems additives should be added in kerosene type aviation turbine fuel (AVTUR) such as antioxidant, fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII), electric conductivity improvers and so on. The dosage of additives has to be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively due to inspect the quality of abnormal fuel and distinguish other petroleum products. Multi-dimensional GC-MS (MDGC-MS) with Deans switching technique are applied the determination of antioxidant and FSII, which are added with AVTUR containing complex mixture of hydrocarbons. Antioxidant and FSII in the range of 2.5-20 mg/L was quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed using MDGC-MS and the detection limit was about twice as low as that of the 1-dimensional GC-MS results. The method in this study has been higher peak resolution compared with GC-MS and could be simultaneously analyzed different two additives without sample pre-treatment.

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Fig. 1. Configuration of a MDGC-MS system. 1. Sampling injection port 2. 1stdetector (FID) 3. 2nd detector (MSD) 4. Switching element

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Fig. 2. Deans switching system in GC. 1. Pressure controller 2. 1st Detector (FID)

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Fig. 3. FID chromatograms of DiEGME and antioxidants in ethanol with Deans switching in standby mode.

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Fig. 4. A SCAN result obtained from each 100 mg/L DiEGME and antioxidants in ethanol with Deans switching in cut mode.

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Fig. 5. 1st and 2nd dimension chromatogram of each 100 mg/L DiEGME and antioxidants in Jet A-1 fuel with Deans switching in cut mode

HGOHBI_2018_v35n4_1260_f0006.png 이미지

Fig. 6. Chromatogram of (a) blank Jet A-1 and (b) 10 mg/L of DiEGME and antioxidants in Jet A-1 obtained by GC-MS.

HGOHBI_2018_v35n4_1260_f0007.png 이미지

Fig. 7. Chromatogram of (a) blank Jet A-1 and (b) 10 mg/L of DiEGME and antioxidants in Jet A-1 obtained by MDGC-MS.

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Fig. 8. Calibration curves for each DiEGME and antioxidants in Jet A-1 obtained by (a) GC-MS and (b) MDGC-MS. ☐ DiEGME ○ DTBP Δ DTBMP ∇ DMTBP

Table 1. Detailed information of additives for AVTUR

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Table 2. Operating conditions of GC-MS

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Table 3. Operating conditions of MDGC-MS

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Table 4. SIM group of targeted compounds and start time in GC-MS and MDGC-MS

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Table 5. Linearity and LOD of additives in AVTUR

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