The Movie by Jung of Individuation

융의 개성화이론으로 읽는 영화<케빈에 대하여>

  • 최영미 (서울과학종합대학원 대학교) ;
  • 조이운 (서울과학종합대학원 대학교)
  • Received : 2018.01.08
  • Accepted : 2018.03.09
  • Published : 2018.03.28


This study analyzes movie by individualiztion theory of JUNG. It is about the mother and the boy who killed the family and a lot of people based on the original novel of the same name. Movies based on maternal love express the maternal sublime devoted to their children, or act as a genre film that introduces maternity even against social myth or ethics. It expresses the desire of a woman to clash with maternity and raises questions about maternal ideology.The maternal ideology was a modern product had fixed sex role in industrialized societies.As a resukt, maternal love is identified with femininity unlike paternal love. Women are emphasized to be responsible for raising safe social members beyond individual responsibility. The movie develop story about crime that occurred in motherson relationship which lacks attachment formation in fostering process. This is not a recuurence of the maternal ideology of mother who miscarried child because she lacked motherhood. Mother Eva projected a conflict that is between maternal ideology and her desire on motheson relationship.Son Kevin also experiences a projection that influenced his persona through his mother. In this paper, I analyze through JUNG's individualization theory that The characters face their projected ego and realize self-fulfillment by searching of their own life goal out of external role or ideal.


Projection;JUNG's Personalization;Maternal Ideology;Self-Realization


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