Comparison of the Characteristics in the Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet and Flux Concentrating Coaxial Magnetic Gears Having the Solid Cores

  • Received : 2017.07.18
  • Accepted : 2018.01.26
  • Published : 2018.05.01


The coaxial magnetic gear with the flux concentrating structure is known that it has the torque performance advantage over the coaxial magnetic gear having surface mounted permanent magnet, thanks to the flux focusing effect. But, if the solid cores are used in the modulating pieces and rotor cores to consider the mechanical reliability and cost reduction, the operating torque of the flux concentrating coaxial magnetic gear can be significantly diminished because the iron losses at the solid cores affect the actual transmitted torque. Furthermore, the modulating pieces and rotor cores have different characteristics of the iron losses from one another, because the space harmonic components of the magnetic flux density, which cause the iron losses, are different. Thus, in this paper, we focused on the analysis of the characteristics of the space harmonic components of the magnetic flux density and resultant eddy current losses in the surface mounted PM and flux concentrating coaxial magnetic gears, when these coaxial magnetic gears have the solid cores at the modulating pieces and rotor cores. The characteristics of pull-out torque (static torque), operating torque (dynamic torque), and efficiency are also researched, and compared by the 3D finite element analysis (FEA) and experiment.


Supported by : Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP), National Research Foundation (NRF)


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