Characteristics of Variable Wireless Charging System Applying Superconducting Coils

초전도 코일을 적용한 무선 충전시스템 특성

  • Received : 2018.03.05
  • Accepted : 2018.05.14
  • Published : 2018.06.01


Interest in wireless power transfer (WPT) has been growing recently due to the rapid increase in the use of electronic devices. Wireless charging systems are currently being applied to mobile phones and many studies are being conducted to apply wireless charging systems to various devices. The current wireless charging systems are capable of 1:1 charging. For wireless charging, when the devices with the same resonance frequency are present in the vicinity, the charging efficiency may be significantly lowered due to frequency interference or the wireless charging systems may stop operating. In this paper, variable capacitors were applied to a superconducting WPT system to solve the frequency interference among multiple devices with the same frequency. When a wireless charging system was performing 1:1 operation, the frequency of the other devices was varied using variable capacitors. As a result, it was confirmed that the highly efficient WPT is possible without frequency interference even when multiple receivers are present.


Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)


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