Road Map for ROK-US Alliance Readjustment with the Changing Security Environment

안보환경 변화에 따른 한미동맹 조정 로드맵

  • 박원곤 (한동대학교 국제어문학부)
  • Received : 2018.07.03
  • Accepted : 2018.07.19
  • Published : 2018.07.28


The future of ROK-US alliance has not been discussed in detail by both governments since early 2000s. However, it is becoming more apparent that ROK-US alliance is facing various daunting challenges. The new administrations both in ROK and US might have different perspectives about the future of alliance. In the process of resolving outstanding North Korean nuclear issue, the alliance can face challenges to change its fundamental features such as halting joint military exercise. ROK-US governments also agreed to transfer wartime operational control as soon as possible. All those factors indicates the growing necessity to articulate the future of ROK-US alliance. ROK and US needs to facilitate to dialogue for future alliance with the possible scenarios of changing security environment such as maintaining status quo, reconciliation of North and South Korea, and entering the reunification stage. In each phase, ROK-US has to develop the goal for the alliance, military institution to implement the alliance, role of USFK, and etc. It is imperative to develop the road map for future ROK-US alliance at this stage to avoid unnecessary folly.


ROK-US Alliance;USFK;North Korean Nuclear Weapon;Road Map for Alliance;Trump Administration


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