A Study on the Establishment of Social Cooperative for the Job Creation of discharged solider

제대군인 일자리 창출을 위한 사회적 협동조합 설립 방안 연구

  • 구영휘 (대전과학기술대학교 군사과) ;
  • 김지덕 (육군학생군사학교 210학군단)
  • Received : 2018.06.02
  • Accepted : 2018.06.20
  • Published : 2018.06.30


Military officials in Korea are forced to change jobs early due to the retirement age after active service. Measures are needed in view of the 55% average employment rate of middle and long term soldiers during the last five years. The last government of Park Geun-hye push ahead creating of 50,000 jobs in discharged soldier with policy, but the results were not great. Therefore, it is time to drastically change the government's efforts to create large-scale jobs for discharged soldiers. It is necessary to break away from the traditional ways of expanding opportunities for employment at the academic level. So it became necessary for discharged soldiers to actively review ways to build their own organizations. For such reasons, this study presents a measure to create job through food service, Security personnel training and Manpower provision business, Special Soldier Control and Training Center Operation business, Han River Water Cleaning Project, Caring business, and delivery business by establishing their own social cooperation to create jobs for discharged soldiers.


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