A Study on the Behavioral Characteristics of the Users and Preferences of the Bench and Pergolas in Busan Citizens' Parks

부산시민공원의 벤치 및 파고라 이용자 행태 특성 및 선호도 연구

  • 왕단 (동서대학교 일반대학원) ;
  • 윤지영 (동서대학교 디자인학부 환경디자인)
  • Received : 2018.07.04
  • Accepted : 2018.08.17
  • Published : 2018.08.28


Busan Citizen Park has been taken as the research object in this paper to learn about the categories and types of resting facilities such as seats and Pergolas in the park and analyze the visitors' use patterns of bench and Pergolas. In addition, the analysis of the cultural features and preferences of bench and Pergolas will provide the basic data for the future design of resting facilities. After the research on the categories and types of bench and Pergolas and the evaluation factors through literature surveys, the type, location, and number of resting facilities including bench, Pergolas, sheds, etc. in the entire park have been investigated through field surveys. In addition, the behavioral map analysis has been created through the observation of the use patterns of bench and Pergolas in the morning and afternoon of each month, and the degree of preference and satisfaction of park bench and Pergolas has been grasped through questionnaires. The research results are as follows. Among the ten types of bench and Pergolas, the citizens like the mats and awnings + mats best. The environment is the most important factor for the mats with highest score, followed by the functional and regional factors. In addition, various activities such as eating in mats and sheds that block sunlight are Korean use patterns, which is very common in Korean daily life. These results show that bench and Pergolas in urban parks are not placed arbitrarily and the layout and design of bench and Pergolas should be completed based on behavior and preferences, which are influenced by cultural characteristics.


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