Data Transmission Method using Broadcasting in Bluetooth Low Energy Environment

저전력 블루투스 환경에서 브로드캐스팅을 이용한 데이터전송 방법

  • 장래영 (한남대학교 컴퓨터공학과) ;
  • 이재웅 (한남대학교 컴퓨터공학과) ;
  • 정성재 ((주)엔버 기업부설연구소) ;
  • 소우영 (한남대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Received : 2018.05.02
  • Accepted : 2018.05.25
  • Published : 2018.05.31


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies are perhaps the most prominent examples of wireless communication technologies used in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. Compared to widely used Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology has some flaws including 1:1 connection (one-way) between Master and Slave, slow transmission, and limited connection range; Bluetooth is mainly used for connecting audio devices. Since the release of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), some of the flaws of Bluetooth technology have been improved but it still failed to become a competitive alternative of Wi-Fi. This paper presents a method of data transmission through broadcasting in BLE and demonstrates its performance, one-to-many data transfer result. The Connection-Free Data Transmission proposed in this paper will hopefully be utilized in special circumstances requiring 1:N data transmission or disaster security network.


Supported by : 한남대학교


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