Elliptic Linear Weingarten Surfaces

  • Kim, Young Ho (Department of Mathematics, Kyungpook National University)
  • Received : 2018.05.10
  • Accepted : 2018.05.25
  • Published : 2018.09.23


We establish some characterizations of isoparametric surfaces in the three-dimensional Euclidean space, which are associated with the Laplacian operator defined by the so-called II-metric on surfaces with non-degenerate second fundamental form and the elliptic linear Weingarten metric on surfaces in the three-dimensional Euclidean space. We also study a Ricci soliton associated with the elliptic linear Weingarten metric.


elliptic linear Weingarten metric;finite-type immersion;Gauss map;isoparametric surface;Ricci soliton


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