HCoV-IMDB: Database for the Analysis of Interactions between HCoV and Host Immune Proteins

Kim, Mi-Ran;Lee, Ji-Hae;Son, Hyeon Seok;Kim, Hayeon

  • Received : 2019.01.01
  • Accepted : 2019.01.17
  • Published : 2019.03.31


Coronaviruses are known respiratory pathogens. In the past, most human coronaviruses were thought to cause mild symptoms such as cold. However recently, as seen in the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), infectious diseases with severe pulmonary disease and respiratory symptoms are caused by coronaviruses, making research on coronaviruses become important. Considering previous studies, we constructed 'HCoV-IMDB (Human Corona Virus Immune Database)' to systematically provide genetic information on human coronavirus and host immune information, which can be used to analyze the interaction between human coronavirus and host immune proteins. The 'HCoV-IMDB' constructed in the study can be used to search for genetic information on human coronavirus and host immune protein and to download data. A BLAST search specific to the human coronavirus, one of the database functions, can be used to infer genetic information and evolutionary relationship about the query sequence.




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Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)