Detection of the Popple Spot on the Pulse Variance of the Sonance

Kim, Jeong-lae;Kim, Hye-ju;Lee, Kee-young

  • Received : 2019.01.28
  • Accepted : 2019.02.09
  • Published : 2019.03.31


Pulsation variance technique is blended the bumpy popple-sonance status of the brilliant-disparity understanding level (BDUL) on pulsation understanding gestalt. The understanding level condition by the pulsation understanding gestalt system is composed with the popple-sonance system. As to look for a two-node white-small dot of the brilliant situation, we are to take of the pulsation value with two-node white-small dot by the output signal. The concept of understanding level is composed the reference of brilliant-disparity level for variance signal by the pulsation sonance gestalt. Moreover indicating a bumpy variance of the BDUL of the maximum-minimum in terms of the popple-sonance gestalt, and pulsation two-node white-small dot sonance that was the a pulsation value of the far variance of the Pul-ug-FA-${\pi}_{MAX}$-MIN with $23.24{\pm}3.36units$, that was the a pulsation value of the convenient variance of the Pul-ug-CO-${\pi}_{MAX}$-MIN with $7.97{\pm}1.60units$, that was the a pulsation value of the flank variance of the Pul-ug-FL-${\pi}_{MAX}$-MIN with $3.02{\pm}0.47units$, that was the a pulsation value of the vicinage variance of the Pul-ug-VI-${\pi}_{MAX}$-MIN with $0.50{\pm}(-0.01)units$. The popple sonance will be to evaluate at the bumpy ability of the popple-sonance gestalt with two-node white-small dot by the pulsation understanding level on the BDUL that is indicated the brilliant-disparity gestalt by the understanding level system. We will be possible to suppress of a gestalt by the special signal and to utilize a pulsation data of popple sonance level by the popple understanding system.


Pulsation understanding level;Pulsation understanding gestalt;Popple understanding system;Popple sonance