A Study on the Institutional Journal of the Korean-Japaneses Joseon Literary Society -From a national culture movement perspective-

재일조선문학회 기관지에 관한 연구 -민족문화운동 관점에서-

Ma, Kyoung-Ok

  • Received : 2018.09.15
  • Accepted : 2019.01.20
  • Published : 2019.01.28


After liberation, several literary groups with the nature of the national culture movement joined in Japan in January 1948 to form the Korean-Japanese Joseon Literary Society. However, the Korean-Japanese Joseon Literary Society was unable to play an active role due to the suppression of the GHQ and gathered again as the Korean War Armistice Agreement was concluded in 1953. The institutional journal of the 'Korean-Japanese Joseon Literary Society' is published by changing the magazine name to "Munhakbo" in Japanese and "Joseon Literature", "Joseon Literature and Arts" in Korean. The national movement group of Korean residents in Japan and literature groups were reorganized in conjunction with the political situation in Japan and the Korean peninsula. The reunion of 'Korean-Japanese Joseon Literary Society' was also based on the appearance of 'Jochongnyeon (pro-Pyeongyang federation of Korean residents in Japan)' and 'conversion of line'. In this paper, we are to fill up the blank of the research on literature of Korean residents in Japan in the 1950s by identifying the reality of conflict between 'Jochongnyeon' and 'Mindan', meaning of 'Korean Writing' Movement as a subject of national movement and the issue of promoting self-esteem as a 'citizen of the Republic' that 'Korean-Japanese Joseon Literary Society' tried to convey to Korean readers in Japan.


Korean-Japanese Joseon Literary Society;Munhakbo;Joseon Literature;Joseon Literature and Arts;Jochongnyeon


Supported by : Far East University