Subgraph Searching Scheme Based on Path Queries in Distributed Environments

분산 환경에서 경로 질의 기반 서브 그래프 탐색 기법

Kim, Minyoung;Choi, Dojin;Park, Jaeyeol;Kim, Yeondong;Lim, Jongtae;Bok, Kyoungsoo;Choi, Han Suk;Yoo, Jaesoo

  • Received : 2018.12.20
  • Accepted : 2018.01.16
  • Published : 2019.01.28


A network of graph data structure is used in many applications to represent interactions between entities. Recently, as the size of the network to be processed due to the development of the big data technology is getting larger, it becomes more difficult to handle it in one server, and thus the necessity of distributed processing is also increasing. In this paper, we propose a distributed processing system for efficiently performing subgraph and stores. To reduce unnecessary searches, we use statistical information of the data to determine the search order through probabilistic scoring. Since the relationship between the vertex and the degree of the graph network may show different characteristics depending on the type of data, the search order is determined by calculating a score to reduce unnecessary search through a different scoring method for a graph having various distribution characteristics. The graph is sequentially searched in the distributed servers according to the determined order. In order to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method, performance comparison with the existing method was performed. As a result, the search time is improved by about 3 ~ 10% compared with the existing method.


Graph Data;Graph Search;Distributed Processing;Subgraph Matching;Bigdata


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