A Study on the Guidance Design for the Metro Station's Effective Sign Awareness

도시 철도역의 효과적인 안내사인 전달을 위한 디자인 연구

Yang, Keunyoung

  • Received : 2018.11.05
  • Accepted : 2018.12.27
  • Published : 2019.01.28


Metro stations are public places used by many people. If they use the station frequently, there is no struggling to find a way. But the first tourists or foreigners to visit are facing finding difficulties because of errors of the complicated sign and information. This study is the guidance of the metro station sign to provide effective information system and the research on the design improvement of metro station. In the first survey for this study I proceeded research about the concept of sign systems in metro station and literature search. In the second survey, I researched needs of the problems of the metro station users. In the third survey, I investigated Busan Metro Station's problems and design to improve the guide sign. In the survey results, users had a lot of difficulties in finding information because systematically increasing amount of information and guidance of the metro station. People can't find information because of sign indiscreet commercial advertising. Also they can get false information from sign without unity. To deal with these problems the metro station needs to improve design for a second-class citizen and refrain commercial advertising and design for information transfer capability.


Sing System;Guide Sign;Information Design


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