Improvement of Management of Long-Term Care Facilities Through FGI

FGI를 통한 노인장기요양시설 운영 개선 방향에 관한 연구

Park, Sung Won;Lee, Won Jae

  • Received : 2018.10.18
  • Accepted : 2018.11.13
  • Published : 2019.01.28


With the rapid aging of the nation's population and the increasing number of elderly people with difficulties in daily life, the elderly care system was implemented for social solidarity. Structural problems in the long-term care system that emerged after the introduction of the system are demanded, and the problem of functional readjustment between nursing hospitals and facilities is raised due to the lack of continuity of care for the elderly by institutional and salary types. In this study, we set up research problems related to personnel, staff, and services to address the problem and conducted FGI. Research has shown that the number of elderly and recognized people in the region, the number of elderly and elderly patients, needs to be reflected in long-term care demand, the direction of appropriate institutional and manpower supply policies, and the establishment of local government goals and plans to strengthen the long-care institutions. It was revealed that non-medical accident arbitration bodies are needed to apply the cost of food insurance, provide programs through links with relevant institutions, and manage the admission smoothly.


Long-term Care Insurance;Long-term Care Facilitie Operation