A Study on Measures for Strengthening Intelligence-Led Policing Using HUMINT

휴민트를 이용한 정보지향적 경찰활동 강화방안

Shin, Jae-Hun;Kim, Sang-Woon

  • Received : 2018.10.15
  • Accepted : 2018.11.14
  • Published : 2019.02.28


This study conducts survey on currently working police officers to examine the actual utilization of HUMINT and suggest measures for strengthening the effective intelligence police activity, Intelligence Led Policing. For the completeness of study, this study presented evidences based on survey data from police officers at sites and this study also suggested improvement measures. in regulating the scope of duty, "Act on the Performance of Duties by Police Officers" regulates that 'Gathering, preparation, and distribution of public safety information' is the duty of police officer and defines the information gathering activity of police as the unique work of police officer. Thus, in accordance with "Act on the Performance of Duties by Police Officers", police officers gather various information to prevent crimes and maintain orders. Among the information gathering methods used by police officer, HUMINT is the oldest measure and it is still utilized. HUMINT has the advantages of low expense, high accuracy, and critical impact on the other. Nevertheless, due to limitations in data objectification, measurement, and responses to double attack, HUMINT is underappreciated. With awareness on such HUMINT issues, this study conducted survey on in-service police officers and examined the actual state of HUMINT. Based on the survey result, this study suggested Intelligence-Led Policing as the effective application method.


Police;Humint;Intelligence Led Policing;Act on the Performance of Duties by Police Officers;Intelligence