Depression as a Mediator in the relation between The Socioeconomic Deprivation Life Satisfaction in Older Adults

노인의 사회경제적 박탈과 삶의 만족도의 관계연구: 우울의 매개효과 중심으로

Kim, Hong-Cheol

  • Received : 2018.12.24
  • Accepted : 2019.01.25
  • Published : 2019.02.28


This research aims to examine whether depression has mediating effects in the effects of socioeconomic deprivation, especially of lower variables of socioeconomic deprivation on life satisfaction of the elderly. For this purpose, the 12th year(2017) data of the Korea Welfare Panel Study were used. The mediated effect analysis method of Baron and Kenny(1986) were used, and mediating effect of depression was validated through Sobel Test. The results of this research are as follows. Firstly, the lower variables of socioeconomic deprivation of the elderly -deprivation of housing, deprivation of dietary life, social deprivation, deprivation of employment, and deprivation of healthcare- had partial mediating effects of depression in life satisfaction. It was verified that as the elderly experienced deprivation of housing, deprivation of dietary life, social deprivation, deprivation of employment and deprivation of healthcare, depression increased and life satisfaction was lowered. Therefore, it was suggested that to enhance the living satisfactions of the elderly, policies and services reflecting the personal characteristics of socioeconomic deprivation and depression must be made, and that criteria to identify the multidimensional poverty and deprivation experienced in everyday life must be prepared in addition to poverty focusing on income.


Life Satisfaction;Socioeconomic Deprivation;Depression;Mediating Effect