A Study on Technostress and Information System Acceptance of Public Officials in Local Government

지자체 공무원의 테크노스트레스와 정보시스템 수용에 관한 연구 : 기술수용에 대한 테크노스트레스와 흡수역량의 조절효과를 중심으로

Kim, Kyoung-June;Lee, Kidong

  • Received : 2019.01.04
  • Accepted : 2019.03.07
  • Published : 2019.03.28


The purpose of this study, we examined the influencing factors of acceptance of new information systems and attitude formation in 279 local government officials who were exposed to the use of new information technology, and examined the moderating role of technostress and absorptive capacity. As a result, technostress negatively affected attitudes by moderating perceived ease of use, and absorptive capacity generated a positive effect that further increased perceived usefulness. Technostress and absorptive capacity have both direct and moderating effects on attitudes. It suggests that management of technostress and absorptive capacity, which affects the formation of attitudes toward information technology acceptance, becomes more important for local government officials who need to accept new information technology through Top-Down decision making. In particular, we discussed ways to reduce technostress in order to prevent cognitive dissonance about determinants of technology acceptance.


Technostress;TAM(Technology Acceptance Model);Absorptive Capacity;Local Government Officials


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