A comparative study on UAV pilot license by the classification criteria

무인비행장치 분류기준에 따른 조종 자격제도 비교 연구

Kim, Yongseok;Choi, Sungwon

  • Received : 2018.06.18
  • Accepted : 2019.02.07
  • Published : 2019.03.31


It is necessary to establish a UAV pilot license and training system because the number of UAV-related accidents has rapidly risen. Most of accidents are caused by the human factors such as the lack of control skill and aviation knowledge. In this paper, we investigate licensing policy of small UAV pilots and examine the level of UAV licensing system and classification criteria based on comparative analysis of national cases such as USA, UK and China. Recently, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Affairs is planning to improve the safety regulation by taking into account the risk level of the licensing system, which has been classified according to the existing weight and commercial purpose. From the comparative analysis, we suggested a improvement policy for UAV licensing system in the view of pilot license segmentation, beyond Visual Line-of-sight flight and high risk UAV for non-commercial.


UAV Pilot License;UAV Classification Criteria;Safety regulation based on the risk;Pilot license segmentation;Beyond Visual Line-of-sight flight;Pilot training


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Grant : 무인비행장치 자격 및 교육체계 개선방안 연구

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