An Approach for High Voltage Battery Voltage Sensing of Plug-In Hybrids and Battery Electric Vehicle

플러그인 하이브리드 및 전기 자동차 고압배터리 전압 측정 방법

  • Kwon, Youngsung (School of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Handong Global University)
  • Received : 2018.11.26
  • Accepted : 2018.12.24
  • Published : 2019.01.01


This paper proposes an approach for measuring voltage of high voltage(HV) battery of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle(PHEV) and battery electric vehicle(BEV). The proposed methods use isolation resistor and isolation amplifier in order to measure high voltage which should be electrically separated from measuring circuit. In terms of practical applications their advantages and disadvantage are discussed and key design points are addressed by simulations. More importantly, the proposed methods are applicable to various applications such as on-board charger, inverter and battery management system (BMS) which are directly connected to HV battery in PHEV and BEV.


HV battery;PHEV;BEV;Isolation resistor;Isolation amplifier

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그림 1 고압배터리 전압 측정 시스템 Fig. 1 Voltage Sensing System for High Voltage Battery

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그림 2 절연저항을 이용한 고압배터리 전압 센서 Fig. 2 HV Battery Voltage Sensor using Isolation Resistor

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그림 3 온도에 따른 Thin Film Flat Chip 저항 Power Derating 곡선 Fig. 3 Power Derating Curve by Temperature for Thin Film Flat Chip Resistor

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그림 4 절연증폭기를 이용한 고압배터리 전압 센서 Fig. 4 HV Battery Voltage Sensor using Isolation Amplifier

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그림 5 절연저항 이용 고압배터리 전압 센서 회로도 Fig. 5 HV Battery Voltage Sensor Schematic using Isolation Resistor

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그림 6 온도변화에 따른 고압배터리 전압 측정 오차 Fig. 6 HV battery voltage sensor error depending on temperature

표 1 절연저항과 절연증폭기 비교 Table 1 Comparison of isolation resistor with isolation amplifier

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표 2 시뮬레이션 조건 Table 2 Simulation Condition

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