Improvement of Detection Performance of a Ground Radar in the Weather Clutter Using Radar-Received-Signal Analysis

레이다 수신 신호 분석을 이용한 기상 클러터 환경 내 지상 레이다 탐지성능 개선

  • Received : 2018.11.30
  • Accepted : 2018.12.21
  • Published : 2019.01.31


Radar detection range is decreased with an increase in the noise levels and detection thresholds in adaptive CFAR of a radar signal processor to the weather clutter reflection signal in the rain. When a high-velocity plot is generated in weather clutter, what are detected are not targets but false plots. Detection opportunity is reduced by radar time resource consumption from additional confirmations regarding the false plots. In this paper, the received signals are saved using a radar-received signal storage device. Based on the analysis of the received signals from weather clutter, the influence of the rainfall reflection has been mitigated by front-end attenuation of the signal processor. The improvement in the detection performance is verified through received signal and simulation results.


Weather Clutter Received Signal;Ground Radar;Detection Range;False Plot

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그림 1. 강우 시 레이다 수신 신호 특성 Fig. 1. Radar-received-signal characteristics at a rainy day.

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그림 2. 강우 시 레이다 운용 결과 Fig. 2. Radar operation result through raining.

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그림 3. 고속 클러터 플롯의 수신 신호 특성 Fig. 3. Received signal’s characteristics of high velocity plot from rain clutter.

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그림 4. ADC 전단부에서 감쇄 적용 시 수신 신호 Fig. 4. Received signal of attenuation in the RSP front.

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그림 5. 빔 송신 잡음과 신호처리기 자체 잡음 수신 신호에 대한 ADC 감쇄 적용 Fig. 5. ADC attenuation of received signals for a noise of radiation and self noise of RSP.

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그림 6. 부가잡음 탐지거리 감소율 및 감쇄값에 따른 탐지 거리 감소율 비 Fig. 6. Range reduction by additional simulated noises and range reduction range by attenuations.

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그림 7. 강우 감쇄 후 수신 신호형상 및 속도 스펙트럼 Fig. 7. Received signal and velocity spectrum after attenua-tions.

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그림 8. 펄스 누적을 통한 표적 신호 크기 개선 Fig. 8. Improvement of target amplitude from pulse inte-gration.

표 1. X-밴드에서 강우량에 따른 반사도[1] Table 1. Reflectivity[8] of rain clutter un X-band.

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표 2. 클러터 신호크기에 따른 탐지거리 감소[2] Table 2. Detection range reduction for clutter signal amplitude[2].

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표 3. 강우 클러터 환경에서의 도플러 영역 특성 Table 3. Doppler characteristics from weather clutter.

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표 4. 지상 레이다에서 사용 중인 PT 파형 파라미터[7] Table 4. PT waveform parameters available at groundradar[7].

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표 5. 강우 클러터에서 플롯 신호의 크기와 속도 Table 5. Amplitude and velocity of plots in rain clutter.

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표 6. 잡음모의시 감쇄적용 후 PT신호 플롯 수 Table 6. Number of plots by simulated noises after atte-nuation.

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