The Study of Key Elements to Establish Natural Disaster Preparedness Plan in Libraries and Archives

도서관과 기록관의 자연재난 대비 계획수립 핵심 요소 고찰

  • Received : 2019.02.18
  • Accepted : 2019.03.25
  • Published : 2019.03.30


This study reviewed important elements that should be considered in developing natural disaster plan in libraries and archives. In Korea, research on natural disaster planning in libraries and archives was rarely conducted. Therefore, it was necessary to study and analyse overseas literature for natural disaster preparedness planning. The key elements for establishing a natural disaster preparedness plan commonly identified in overseas research can be divided into six factors. 'The disaster preparedness committee and roles of staff' should be designated for starting disaster preparedness, and 'Risks' vulnerable to disaster should be assessed and managed in advance. A 'Handbook for immediate response' should be produced for all employees to respond promptly in the event of disaster, and 'Recovery and business continuity plan' should be reviewed for strategic recovery based on disaster scale and return to work after disaster. Also, in order to strengthen the capacity of all staff related to disaster preparedness and to improve plan for disaster, 'Training' is needed, and 'Cooperation activities' between related organisations should be taken into consideration in order to obtain various perspectives for disaster preparedness and to cope with and recover from large-scale disasters. This study can help Korean libraries and archives to establish natural disaster preparedness plan for serious natural disaster that can likely occur in the future.

<표 1> 재난 대비 계획 수립을 위한 핵심 요소, 주요 내용, 관련 재난 절차

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