Design and Implementation of a Boundary Matching System Supporting Partial Denoising for Large Image Databases

  • Kim, Bum-Soo (Dept. of Future Technology and Convergence Research, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology) ;
  • Kim, Jin-Uk (Dept. of Future Technology and Convergence Research, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)
  • Received : 2019.04.02
  • Accepted : 2019.04.25
  • Published : 2019.05.31


In this paper, we design and implement a partial denoising boundary matching system using indexing techniques. Converting boundary images to time-series makes it feasible to perform a fast search using indexes even on a very large image database. Thus, using this converting method we develop a client-server system based on the previous partial denoising research in the GUI(graphical user interface) environment. The client first converts a query image given by a user to a time-series and sends denoising parameters and the tolerance with this time-series to the server. The server identifies similar images from the index by evaluating a range query, which is constructed using inputs given from the client and sends the resulting images to the client. Experimental results show that our system provides many intuitive and accurate matching results.

CPTSCQ_2019_v24n5_35_f0001.png 이미지

Fig. 1. Examples of various studies on boundary matching.

CPTSCQ_2019_v24n5_35_f0002.png 이미지

Fig. 2. An Example of converting an image to a time-series by CCD [4].

CPTSCQ_2019_v24n5_35_f0003.png 이미지

Fig. 3. An overall architecture of an index-based system for partial denoising boundary matching.

CPTSCQ_2019_v24n5_35_f0004.png 이미지

Fig. 4. Example screenshots of the proposed boundary matching system.

CPTSCQ_2019_v24n5_35_f0005.png 이미지

Fig. 5. The scalability of the naive matching and the index-based matching algorithms.


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