Analysis of the types and path of young children to the popular songs

유아가 좋아하는 대중가요의 종류와 대중가요를 접하게 되는 경로 분석

  • Kim, Dae-wook (Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Gyeong-sang National University)
  • 김대욱 (경상대학교 유아교육과)
  • Received : 2019.02.16
  • Accepted : 2019.04.11
  • Published : 2019.05.31


This study aims to investigate the types of popular songs and the paths to reach popular songs. Young children no longer sings for them. The popular song is deeply located around young children. Participants were 73 kindergarten children. Preliminary interviews were conducted from October 1, 2018 to October 11, 2018. Through the preliminary interview, the structured question was revised and the interview was conducted. This interview was conducted from October 22, 2018 to November 9. Based on the transferred data, I classified the types of popular songs that young children encounter into popular songs, popular singers, and genres. The path that young children touches the popular song is analyzed as place, medium, and person. As a popular song by young children, iKon as a popular singer, and k-pop as a genre. There were many kindergartens and houses in the place where young children got to know the popular songs, and they came into contact with many people through Youtube, and they got through family and friends. Through research, I have found that popular songs are already deeply embedded in the everyday life of young children. Now, it is necessary for young children to be equipped with popular song literacy.

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_157_f0001.png 이미지

그림 1. 유아가 좋아하는 대중가요 Figure 1. favorite popular song of young children

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_157_f0002.png 이미지

그림 2. 유아가 좋아하는 대중가수 Figure 2. favorite popular singer of young children

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_157_f0003.png 이미지

그림 3. 유아가 좋아하는 대중가요의 장르 Figure 3. Genre of popular songs for young children

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그림 4. 유아가 대중가요를 접하는 경로(장소) Figure 4. the path where the young children touches the popular song (place)

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_157_f0005.png 이미지

그림 5. 유아가 대중가요를 접하는 경로(매체) Figure 5. the path where the young children touches the popular song (medium)

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그림 6. 유아가 대중가요를 접하는 경로(사람) Figure 6. the path where the young children touches the popular song (person)

표 1. 연구에 사용된 구조화된 질문의 목록 Table 1. List of structured questions used in the study

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