A Study on the Sochi Heo Ryeon's Painting's foundation and the stage of Aesthetic

소치(小癡) 허련(許鍊)의 회화(繪畵) 연원(淵源)과 심미경지(審美境地) 고찰

  • Kim, Doyoung (Dept. of the faculty of liberal arts, Yewon Arts Univ)
  • 김도영 (예원예술대학교 교양학부)
  • Received : 2019.02.26
  • Accepted : 2019.04.25
  • Published : 2019.05.31


Sochi Heo Ryeon (1808 ~ 1893), who was born in Jindo in the late Joseon Dynasty, is a master of three classes, caligography, painting.It is a representative painter who is called the founder of the Honam Paintings. He learned Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism from choui and learned the basics of painting.He became a student of Kim Chung Hee as an introduction of choui. Since then, I have correctly understood the painting aesthetic that realizes the painting by the paintings and paintings of chusa. And he succeeded it in the art world of Honam. His life and artistic features are the wandering that lasted over 70, many work activities, and details the records habit of details of "Sochisillok". Sochi's paintings aimed at Namjong painting, expressing the simple and clear beauty of the free brush and the landscape painting of ye-hwang style. In addition, the peony was painted with bizarre rocks, expressing the lively beauty by changing the brush to be called 'Heo-peony'. And it fulfilled the desire for riches and honors and the taste of Sunbee at the same time, and it became a representative material of 'Unlimsanbang' after being passed on to the house. His naturalized style of painting and painting aesthetic have been influential to the art world in modern Korea until now, forming a painter 's vein for 200 years over 5 generations.

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_271_f0001.png 이미지

그림 1. 許鍊, 「疏林茅亭」 Fig. 1. Heo Ryeon, 「solimmojeong」

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_271_f0002.png 이미지

그림 2. 許鍊, 「指頭山水畵」 Fig. 2. Heo Ryeon, 「Landscape painting by finger」

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_271_f0003.png 이미지

그림 3. 許練, 「墨梅花」 Fig. 3. Heo Ryeon, 「China ink Plum」

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_271_f0004.png 이미지

그림 4. 許鍊,「墨竹圖」 Fig. 4. Heo Ryeon, 「China ink Bamboo」

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_271_f0005.png 이미지

그림 5. 許鍊, 「墨牧丹」 Fig. 5. Heo Ryeon, 「China ink peony」

GJMGCK_2019_v5n2_271_f0006.png 이미지

그림 6. 許鍊, 「墨蘭圖」 Fig. 6. Heo Ryeon, 「China ink Orchid」


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