Evaluation of Adherence to the CARE (CAse REport) Guidelines of Case Reports in the Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation

한방재활의학과학회지에 게재된 증례보고의 CARE (CAse REport) 지침 준수에 대한 평가: 2016년 이후 발표된 논문들을 중심으로

Ahn, Jonghyun;Ko, Junhyuk;Kim, Seyoon;Kim, Soojeon;Bae, Jun-hyeong;Yoon, Ye-ji;Lee, Hansol;Chang, Hokyung;Kim, Hyungsuk;Chung, Seok-hee;Lee, Jong-soo;Kim, Sung-soo;Chung, Won-Seok

  • Received : 2019.06.18
  • Accepted : 2019.07.08
  • Published : 2019.07.31


Objectives This study was perfomed to assess the adherance to CARE (CAse REport) guideline of case reports in the Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation Methods We searched the case reports published in the Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation from January 2016 to April 2019 in the database of oriental medicine advanced searching integrated system (OASIS). Then we evaluated the quality of the searched case reports based on the CARE guideline. Results Totally 31 papers were selected after the screening the case reports by the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The report rate of the sub-items of the CARE guideline was 78.26% at the maximum, 60.87% at the maximum, and 70.97% on the average. The following items were reported only in less than 50% of them; 'Timeline', 'Diagnostic challenges', 'Diagnostic reasoning including other diagnoses considered' 'Prognostic characteristics', 'Follow-up and Outcomes', 'Patient Perspective', 'Informed Consent' Conclusions This study is expected to contribute to the overall improvement of the level of case reports in the Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation.


Case reports;Guideline adherence;Korean traditional medicine