The Effectiveness of Ultrasound-Guided Essential Bee Venom Pharmacopuncture Combined with Integrative Korean Medical Treatment for Rib Fracture: A Case Study

분리정제봉약침의 초음파 유도하 시술과 한의복합치료를 병행한 늑골 골절 증례 보고

Ahn, Tae-Seok;Moon, Ji-Hyun;Park, Chang-Young;Oh, Myung-Jin;Choi, Yoo-Min

  • Received : 2019.06.12
  • Accepted : 2019.07.04
  • Published : 2019.07.31


This study is to report the usefulness of ultrasound in diagnosing rib fracture and the effectiveness of ultrasound-guided essential bee venom pharmacopuncture as a treatment of it. A 46-year-old unable to find a fracture by chest radiography was diagnosed it on ultrasound. The patient was applied integrative Korean medical treatments and ultrasound-guided essential bee venom pharmacopuncture at the fracture site for 4 weeks, 18 times total. Numeral rating scale (NRS) was used to evaluate the amount of pain. The chest pain when turning over the body was reduced from NRS 8 to 2 for 4 weeks. The remarkable aspect is that the pain was immediately relieved after phamacopuncture and its effect lasted for 3 hours. This report suggests ultrasound can be useful for diagnosing rib fracture and also helpful for safety and accuracy of pharmacopuncture. Additionally, essential bee venom can be considered one of the methods of treating rib fracture.


Rib fractures;Ultrasonography;Essential bee venom;Pharmacopuncture