Clinical Case Report of Shoulder Diseases by Meridian-Test

Meridian-Test를 이용한 어깨질환의 임상증례 보고

  • Hyeong, Kyun (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Korean Medicine, College of Korean Medicine, Daegu Haany University) ;
  • Won, Je-Hoon (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Korean Medicine, Dongguk University Gyeongju Oriental Medicine Clinic) ;
  • Woo, Chang-Hoon (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Korean Medicine, College of Korean Medicine, Daegu Haany University)
  • 형균 (대구한의대학교 한의과대학 한방재활의학과교실) ;
  • 원제훈 (동국대학교 경주한의원 한방재활의학과) ;
  • 우창훈 (대구한의대학교 한의과대학 한방재활의학과교실)
  • Received : 2019.06.16
  • Accepted : 2019.07.08
  • Published : 2019.07.31


This study is to report the effectivenes of Meridian-Test (M-test) in 2 cases on shoulder diseases. The M-test was applied to one patient diagnosed with as impingement syndrome and one patient diagnosed with tear of supraspinatus tendon. The changes in numeral rating scale and range of motion were identified to assess the progress of the treatment. After three times treatments, In example 1, the pain decreased from 6 to 0.5 and the range of flexion and abduction increased from $150^{\circ}$ to $180^{\circ}$. In example 2, the pain decreased from 6.5 to 1, and the range of shoulder flexion increased from $120^{\circ}$ to $170^{\circ}$, while the range of abduction increased from $90^{\circ}$ to $170^{\circ}$. Based on the above results, it would be effective to apply M-test to treat shoulder diseases in these two cases.


Meridian test (M-test);Shoulder impingement syndrome;Rotator cuff injuries


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