Myofascial Orofacial Pain Exacerbated after Masseteric Nerve Neurectomy

  • Nam, Hyun (Department of Oral Medicine, Wonkwang University Daejeon Dental Hospital) ;
  • Ko, Daeun (Department of Oral Medicine, Wonkwang University Daejeon Dental Hospital) ;
  • Kang, Jin-Kyu (Department of Oral Medicine, Wonkwang University Daejeon Dental Hospital) ;
  • Shim, YoungJoo (Department of Oral Medicine, Wonkwang University Daejeon Dental Hospital)
  • Received : 2020.10.16
  • Accepted : 2020.11.06
  • Published : 2020.12.30


Myofascial pain (MFP) is one of the most common causes of persistent orofacial pain. Patients with chronic myofascial orofacial pain may present with diffuse heterotopic pain, complicating the correct diagnosis. Treatment of chronic MFP should focus on the elimination of aetiologic factors. This article describes two cases of chronic MFP of the masticatory muscles, whose symptoms were exacerbated after masseteric nerve neurectomy. The patients had suffered from irrelevant treatment which did not resolve the symptom. Their symptom was managed by conventional treatment protocol. These cases emphasize the importance of correct diagnosis and evidence-based approach.


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