A Case report of Ulcer Occurred in Anus and Vulva

항문 및 외음부 궤양 치험 1례

  • Kim, Geun-Lip (Department of Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology & Dermatology, College of Korean medicine, Sangji University) ;
  • Lee, Kyou-Young (Department of Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology & Dermatology, College of Korean medicine, Sangji University) ;
  • Hong, Chul-Hee (Department of Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology & Dermatology, College of Korean medicine, Sangji University)
  • 김근립 (상지대학교 한의과대학 안이비인후피부과학교실) ;
  • 이규영 (상지대학교 한의과대학 안이비인후피부과학교실) ;
  • 홍철희 (상지대학교 한의과대학 안이비인후피부과학교실)
  • Received : 2020.04.03
  • Accepted : 2020.05.08
  • Published : 2020.05.25


Objectives : The purpose of this study is to report the effectiveness of using korean medical treatment on ulcer occurred in Anus and Vulva. Methods : We treated the patient with Taglisodog-eum(托裏消毒飮), acupuncture, and korean medical treatment using herb such as ointment and fumigation therapy. VAS score, Photographs were used to evaluate the effects of treatment. Results : After the total treatments, VAS score decreased from 7 to 1. In this case, we treated ulcer and checked regeneration of new tissue. Conclusions : The result suggests that Korean medical treatment including Taglisodog-eum(托裏消毒飮) can be effective in treatingulcer.


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