A Study on 2D Character Response of Speed Method Using Unity

  • 투고 : 2021.10.12
  • 심사 : 2021.12.05
  • 발행 : 2021.12.30


In this paper, many game companies seek better optimization and easy-to-apply logic to prolong the game's lifespan and provide a better game environment for users. Therefore, research will be showing the game's key input response method called RoS (Response of Speed). The purpose of the method is to simultaneously perform various motions with the character showing natural motion without errors even if the character's control key is duplicated. This method is for the developers so they can reduce bugs and development time in future game development. To be used with quickly generating game environments, the new method compares with the popular motion method, so which method is faster and can adapt to diverse games. The paper suggested that the Response of Speed method is a better method for optimizing frames and reducing the number of reacting seconds by showing a faster response and speed). With the method popularity of scrollers, many 2D cross-scroll games follow the formula of Dash, Shoot, Walk, Stay, and Crouch. With the development of game engines, it is becoming easier to implement them. Therefore, although the method presented in the above paper differs from the popular method, it is expected that there will be no great difficulty in applying it to the game because transplantation is easy. In the future, we plan to study to minimize the delay of each connection of the character motion so that the game can be optimized to best.



This Work was Supported by the Research Grant of the KODISA Scholarship Foundation in 2021


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