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Journal of the architectural institute of Korea planning & design
 Aims & Scope
Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea (JAIK), first published bimonthly from October 1985, is the official Korean journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea. It aims to improve architectural industry by promoting the various research fields of architecture. It began to be published monthly from January 1992(Vol.8, No.1), and separated into the area of design and construction from April 1998(Vol.14, No.10) until now. The scope of JAIK includes researches on architectural planning,architectural design, architectural history & theory, urban planning complex, and environment & building equipments for design area, and architectural structure, building materials and construction for construction area. Submitted manuscripts may take the form of reports of original studies or reviews of significant prior work in a given area. All manuscripts are subject to reviews to assure originality, usefulness, completeness and reliability. JAIK was registered to the National Research Foundation of Korea and part of the articles are abstracted in Korean Citation Index(KCI). Full text is available from and there is no page charge or article processing charge of author side.
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Architectural Institute of Korea
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