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KIPS Transactions on Computer and Communication Systems
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Computer Systems and Theory: Computer Systems and Applications, computer training, computer architecture, real-time systems, embedded systems, operating systems, real-time operating systems, compilers, programming languages, theory of computation, algorithms, VLSI systems, computer-aided design (CAD), CAD algorithms , Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), Performance Evaluation; Parallel and Distributed Computing Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems and Applications, data structures and algorithms, parallel and distributed computing, parallel and distributed computing, tools, and grid computing, cloud computing, utility computing, cluster computing, network and inter-processor communication, multi-core processors, heterogeneous processor-based computing, fault-tolerant systems; The communication system: communication systems and its applications, communication theory, computer neteuwok, wireless / mobile communications networks, ubiquitous sensor networks, RFID systems, communications and neteuwoteu services, network operations and management, network architecture, broadband networks; ubiquitous and mobile computing: algorithms systems for ubiquitous computing paradigm, models and analysis, all miles computing systems and services, positioning and tracking technologies, context-aware computing, location-based services, smart and intelligent space environments; Information Security: Information Security and Applications, system security, network security, trusted systems, privacy, information security tools for system development and evaluation of reliable methodology, analysis of vulnerabilities and attacks, secure operating systems and applications, wireless network security issues and cryptography.
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Korea Information Processing Society
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