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KIPS Transactions on Software and Data Engineering
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Software engineering: software engineering methods and practice, requirements engineering, software design methods, software process modeling, software maintenance and evolution, software testing, software reuse, formal methods, reverse engineering, automated software engineering tools, SW globalization, internationalization, Agile development methodologies SW, SW development methodologies, SW process improvement, SW quality, product line engineering, SW reuse; Data Engineering: Engineering methods and actual data, data modeling and management, data integration, data engineering tools, database systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, data engineering applications; AI: Artificial Intelligence methods and practical, automated planning, machine learning, soft computing, knowledge representation and uncertainty reasoning, multi-agent systems, natural language processing, computer vision recognition of high-level, intelligent systems and applications; The multimedia processing for multimedia processing method and the real, multimedia signal processing, multimedia content understanding, multimedia interface and interaction, multimedia databases, multimedia systems and applications; Web Science: Web science methods and practice, web filtering, and extracting information, Web search engine, Web-based recommendations, Web mining, Web agents, Semantic Web, Web service discovery and combination of Web-based social intelligence.
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Korea Information Processing Society
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