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Ecology and Resilient Infrastructure
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∙ Aims: As an official journal of the Korean Society of Ecology and Infrastructure Engineering, the journal of Ecology and Resilient Infrastructure aims to promote and disseminate emergent disciplines and technologies between ecology and infrastructural engineering. The journal aims to act as a forum for ecologists, engineers, and landscape architects to jointly discuss the studies of natural ecosystems under the influence of human activities, focusing mainly on the implementation of environmentally sound and sustainable urban and infrastructural developments. The journal also aims to provide a forum for promoting “green infra” as a resilient infrastructure of a network of high-quality green and blue spaces and other environmental features, which is designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services and protect biodiversity in both rural and urban settings. ∙ Scope: This journal encompasses broadly the areas of 1) eco-technology, 2) bioengineering, 3) ecosystem restoration including streams, wetlands, coastal areas, and contaminated lands, 4) pollution control and enhancement of amenity of infrastructures by ecosystems, and 5) network design of urban green infrastructure.
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Korean Society of Ecology and Infrastructure Engineering
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