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Newly Updated Journals List
Journal ISSN Publisher Coverage DOI Language Indexed in
Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain 2288-9272 The Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine 1973 10.14476/jomp English
Journal of Practical Engineering Education 2288-405X Korean Institute for Pratical Engineering Education 2013 10.14702/JPEE Korean
Advances in biomechanics and applications 2287-2094 Techno-Press 2013 10.12989/aba English
The Korean Journal of Ecology 1225-0317 The Ecological Society of Korea 1977 10.5141/JEFB Korean
Journal of Korea Foundry Society 1598-706X The Korean Foundrymens Society 1981 10.7777/jkfs Korean
Journal of The Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers 2508-5093 The Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers 1993 10.7735/ksmte Korean
Journal of the Korean Vacuum Society 2288-6559 The Korean Vacuum Society 1992 10.5757/JKVS English
International Journal of High-Rise Buildings 2234-7224 Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat Korea 2012 10.21022/IJHRB English
Journal of Aerospace System Engineering 1976-6300 The Society for Aerospace System Engineering 2007 10.20910/JASE Korean
Asia Pacific Journal of Business Review 2466-0043 Kyung Hee University Management Research Institute 2016 10.20522/APJBR English