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Synthesis of the $CaGa_2S_4:Eu^{2+}$ phosphors and Application in White LEDs

  • Kim, Jae-Myung;Kim, Kyung-Nam;Park, Joung-Kyu;Kim, Chang-Hae;Jang, Ho-Gyeom
    • 한국정보디스플레이학회:학술대회논문집
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    • pp.1623-1626
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    • 2005
  • The thiogallate phosphors which are well known for a long time as phosphor materials for CRT or EL device were reported. Those have high luminescent properties at long-wavelength region. Among those phosphors, the samples with divalent europium doped CaGa2S4 were prepared by a simple process under the reduction atmosphere $(5%\;H_2/\;95%\;N_2)$ without toxic gas such as H2S or CS2. The prepared phosphor shows a higher luminescent efficiency (about 120%) than that of $YAG:Ce^{3+}$ phosphor. Consequently, this phosphor is possible to be applicable to white LED lamp because of the high luminescent efficiency.

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