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Characteristics of 32 × 32 Photonic Quantum Ring Laser Array for Convergence Display Technology (디스플레이 융합 기술 개발을 위한 32 × 32 광양자테 레이저 어레이의 특성)

  • Lee, Jongpil;Kim, Moojin
    • Journal of the Korea Convergence Society
    • /
    • v.8 no.5
    • /
    • pp.161-167
    • /
    • 2017
  • We have fabricated and characterized $32{\times}32$ photonic quantum ring (PQR) laser arrays uniformly operable with $0.98{\mu}A$ per ring at room temperature. The typical threshold current, threshold current density, and threshold voltage are 20 mA, $0.068A/cm^2$, and 1.38 V. The top surface emitting PQR array contains GaAs multiquantum well active regions and exhibits uniform characteristics for a chip of $1.65{\times}1.65mm^2$. The peak power wavelength is $858.8{\pm}0.35nm$, the relative intensity is $0.3{\pm}0.2$, and the linewidth is $0.2{\pm}0.07nm$. We also report the wavelength division multiplexing system experiment using angle-dependent blue shift characteristics of this laser array. This photonic quantum ring laser has angle-dependent multiple-wavelength radial emission characteristics over about 10 nm tuning range generated from array devices. The array exhibits a free space detection as far as 6 m with a function of the distance.