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The stillness-motion interface designing of the Web, Based on the e-advertisement concept. (웹 인터페이스의 정.동디자인에 관한 연구 -e광고 컨셉트별 정.동디자인 분석-)

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    • Archives of design research
    • /
    • v.15 no.4
    • /
    • pp.317-326
    • /
    • 2002
  • The Web has taken a strong post as one of the media for advertisement for long time. The Internet has an advantage of an easy access to each of customers; the fractioning of the potential customers; the transcending of the time and space; and the utilizing of the multimedia. As such, the Web as a communication tool has not only all characteristics of the existing media but also the factors such as the sound, motion, and interaction. Therefore the Web designing should be much more flexible and open than any other medias. Nevertheless, most of the Webs being created currently appear to be simply perfunctory and functional. This is because a methodological aspect has not been rooted firmly as the Web design industry has been developed too rapidly, driven by the explosive demand. Therefore, this study is designed to demonstrate the approaching method to the Web-interface designing as an alternative for such methodological aspect. In other words, it is the very stillness-motion interface designing of the Web, based on the e-advertisement concept. The Web as one of the media for advertisement gives the heaviest weight to the users emotional aspects than any other media do. Therefore, it is very important to get the differentiation and impact in the Web-interface designing through the users emotional aspects.

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Changes in Biomass of Salix subfragilis and S. chaenomeloides with Stand Ages in a Riparian Zone of a Sand-bed Stream (하천 하안대에서 입지 연령에 따른 선버들과 왕버들의 생물량 변화)

  • Cho, Hyung-Jin;Jin, Seung-Nam;Cho, Hyunsuk;Cho, Kang-Hyun
    • Ecology and Resilient Infrastructure
    • /
    • v.4 no.3
    • /
    • pp.149-155
    • /
    • 2017
  • Willow plants are representative biomaterials used in river restoration and main target trees in stream managements. In order to understand the changes in the growth of Salix subfragilis and S. chaenomeloides with their stand ages, we investigated the density, height and basal area of stems and biomass at their different aged stands of the riparian zone of the sand-bed stream, the Nakdong River, Korea. We also developed allometric equations for estimating the biomass of these two species by establishing the relationship between diameter at breadth height and tree height with above-ground biomass. The stem density showed a sharp decrease for 3 years after germination for S. subfragilis and 6 years for S. chaenomeloides, resulting in strong self-thinning. The stem height of the two species increased to 7.5 m in 15 years for S. subfragilis, and to 14 m in 13 years for S. chaenomeloides. Aboveground biomass also increased rapidly at the early stage of growth. The biomass increased to 17 ton DM/ha in 13 years for S. subfragilis and to 1,110 ton DM / ha in 13 years for S. chaenomeloides. It is expected that the allometric equations of two Salix species derived from this study will be applied to the objectively estimating the biomass of willow plants for the management of floodplain trees in streams.

A Field Survey and Analysis of Ground Water Level and Soil Moisture in A Riparian Vegetation Zone (식생사주 역에서 지하수위와 토양수분의 현장 조사·분석)

  • Woo, Hyo-Seop;Chung, Sang-Joon;Cho, Hyung-Jin
    • Journal of Korea Water Resources Association
    • /
    • v.44 no.10
    • /
    • pp.797-807
    • /
    • 2011
  • Phenomenon of vegetation recruitment on the sand bar is drastically rising in the streams and rivers in Korea. In the 1960s prior to industrialization and urbanization, most of the streams were consisted of sands and gravels, what we call, 'White River'. Owing to dam construction, stream maintenance, etc. carried out since the '70s, the characteristic of flow duration and sediment transport have been disturbed resulting in the abundance of vegetation in the waterfront, that is, 'Green River' is under progress. This study purposed to identify the correlation among water level, water temperature, rainfall, soil moisture and soil texture out of the factors which give an effect on the vegetation recruitment on the sand bar of unregulated stream. To this purpose, this study selected the downstream of Naeseong Stream, one of sand rivers in Korea, as the river section for test and conducted the monitoring and analysis for 289 days. In addition, this study analyzed the aerial photos taken from 1970 to 2009 in order to identify the aged change in vegetation from the past to the present. The range of the tested river section was 361 m in transverse length and about 2 km in longitudinal length. According to the survey analysis, the tested river section in Naeseong Stream was a gaining river showing the higher underground-water level by 20~30 m compared to Stream water level. The difference in the underground water temperature was less than $5^{\circ}C$ by day and season and the Stream temperature did not fall to $10^{\circ}C$ and less from May when the vegetation germination begins in earnest. The impact factor on soil moisture was the underground water level in the lower layer and the rainfall in the upper layer and it was found that all the upper and lower layer were influenced by soil particle size. The soil from surface to 1 m-underground out of 6 soil moisture-measured points was sand with the $D_{50}$ size of 0.07~1.37 mm and it's assumed that the capillary height possible in the particle size would reach around 14~43 cm. On the other hand, according to the result of space analysis on the tested river section of unregulated stream for 40 years, it was found that the artificial disturbance and drought promoted the vegetation recruitment and the flooding resulted in the frequency extinction of vegetation communities. Even though the small and large scales of recruitment and extinction in vegetation have been repeated since 1970, the present vegetation area increased clearly compared to the past. It's found that the vegetation area is gradually increasing over time.