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Stability Analysis for CWR on the Railway Bridges by Linearized Method (선형해석법을 이용한 교량상 장대레일의 안정성 해석 방법 연구)

  • Choi, Young-Gil;Oh, Ju-Won
    • Journal of the Korean Society for Railway
    • /
    • v.12 no.4
    • /
    • pp.472-480
    • /
    • 2009
  • The stability analysis for CWR is difficult in the theory itself because both geometric and material nonlinearity should be considered. Also the analysis results are varied according to the loading history. In contrast to the complexity in the theory, the analysis results for CWR on the railway bridges are quite simple and can be predicted because of a small buckling effect and its negligible nonlinearity. In this study, refined nonlinear analysis methods for the stability analysis of CWR on the railway bridges were developed which consider only material nonlinearity beeause the effects of geometric nonlinearity are nominal. In this study, the analysis results can be found within limited number of iterations with idealized linear force-displacement relationship. From the analysis result comparisons, it was found that the stability analysis for CWR on the railway bridges can be performed effectively by this method.