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Core-aware Cache Replacement Policy for Reconfigurable Last Level Cache (재구성 가능한 라스트 레벨 캐쉬 구조를 위한 코어 인지 캐쉬 교체 기법)

  • Son, Dong-Oh;Choi, Hong-Jun;Kim, Jong-Myon;Kim, Cheol-Hong
    • Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information
    • /
    • v.18 no.11
    • /
    • pp.1-12
    • /
    • 2013
  • In multi-core processors, Last Level Cache(LLC) can reduce the speed gap between the memory and the core. For this reason, LLC has big impact on the performance of processors. LLC is composed of shared cache and private cache. In computer architecture community, most researchers have mainly focused on the management techniques for shared cache, while management techniques for private cache have not been widely researched. In conventional private LLC, memory is statically assigned to each core, resulting in serious performance degradation when the workloads are not fairly distributed. To overcome this problem, this paper proposes the replacement policy for managing private cache of LLC efficiently. As proposed core-aware cache replacement policy can reconfigure LLC dynamically, hit rate of LLC is increases drastically. Moreover, proposed policy uses 2-bit saturating counters to improve the performance. According to our simulation results, the proposed method can improve hit rates by 9.23% and reduce the access time by 12.85% compared to the conventional method.