• Title/Summary/Keyword: 무선랜(WLAN) 대역 제거

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A design and manufacture of CPW-Fed UWB antenna with notched WLAN band by using a U shaped slot (U자형 슬롯을 사용하여 WLAN 대역이 제거된 CPW 급전 방식을 갖는 UWB 안테나 설계 및 제작)

  • Ha, Yun-Sang;Kim, Gi-Rae;Yun, Joong-Han
    • Journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering
    • /
    • v.19 no.11
    • /
    • pp.2518-2525
    • /
    • 2015
  • In this paper, we propose a UWB(Ultra Wide Band) antenna with CPW(Coplanar Waveguide) structure notched the 802.11a(5.15 ~ 5.825 GHz) band by using the U shaped slot. The proposed antenna not only shows Ultra-Wideband characteristic(3.1 ~ 10.6 GHz) suitable for UWB communications but has partially notched-band characteristic to reject 5 GHz WLAN band(5.15 ~ 5.825 GHz). The antenna is designed on an FR-4 substrate of which the dielectric constant is 4.4, and its overall size is $30mm(W){\times}20mm(L){\times}1mm(t)$. Fabricated antenna satisfied $VSWR{\leq}2$ in 3.1 ~ 10.6 GHz except for the band rejection of 5.15 ~ 5.825 GHz. And measured results of gain and radiation patterns characteristics displayed determined for operating bands.