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Definition of Real Me(眞我論) through the philosophy of Yang-Ming Studies(陽明學) - Formation of Modern Korean Principal (근대 유학 지평에서 박은식의 진아론(眞我論) 읽기)

  • Park, Jeoung-Sim
    • The Journal of Korean Philosophical History
    • /
    • no.52
    • /
    • pp.157-183
    • /
    • 2017
  • Korean Modernization is the period which Western Culture is settled as common sense, but modern introsepction of Confucianism acted as a sign to ask what is the basis of Korean modern subject. Park Eun-Sik transformed the basis of our thinking from Confucianism to the philosophy of Wang Yangming in the crash time of the Confucianism metaphysical structure. Park Eun-sik organized Definition of Real Me(眞我論) with the idealogical basis, that is, benevolence of the whole creation of the universe(萬物一體之仁) and the origin of the mind(良知) of Wang Yangming. He tried to realize the Basis of Confuciasism in the modern era with the origin of the mind(良知). And also he tried to figure out the origin of Confucianism by The public(民衆). He suggested the Public(民衆) as the unity to realize the Confucianism as equalitarianism. Park Eun-Sik declared the thought of great unity and peace of Korea(大同平和思想) with the idea of Real Me(眞我論) and benevolence of the whole creation of the universe(萬物一體之仁). Great unity and peace of Korea(大同平和思想) is based with the origin of the mind(良知) of Wang Yangming and is realized to be fulfilled as the thought of great unity and peace of Korea(大同平和思想).

Physical Training and Martial Art, the Foundations for a Flourishing State -Focusing on the Thoughts of Plato and Park Eun-sik- (체육과 무(武), 국가 번영의 기초 -플라톤과 박은식의 사상을 중심으로-)

  • Hong, Youngki;Hong, Jinkee
    • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
    • /
    • v.18 no.7
    • /
    • pp.560-576
    • /
    • 2018
  • Plato's ontology is closer to Holism, which is based on IDEA, than to Dualism, which regards the matter and soul as being independently from each other. According to his metaphysics, the sensory things are the copies of IDEA. and IDEA is the original of them. Hence human body and soul are not separate from each other, but are ontologically continuous and functionally complementary. The reason why Plato's view of education, which pursues the perfection of the soul, emphasizes the physical training and makes it the premise of study is this ontology. It seems that Park Eun-sik, an independent activist in the late period of Joseon Dynasty, has a view of education similar to Plato's. He emphasized the importance of education on martial art in order to restore the our people's inner quality, 'Mind(心)'. Both Plato and Park Eun-sik thoughts that the education of physical training and martial art was the premise of study to make the humanity they pursued. And they expected that the talented people raised through the curriculum proposed by them would lead the prosperity of the nation by fulfilling their respective roles in society. In conclusion, from the view of Plato and Park Eun-sik's thoughts, it can be said that, the education of physical training and martial art for students is the premise of the study for personal perfection of human beings, and essential curriculum for making the ideal state that they dreamed.

Study on the Magnetic Tomography to Detect the Magnetic Permeability (비 투자율 감지에 의한 Magnetic Tomography 개발에 관한 연구)

  • Park, Eun-Sik;Park, Gwan-Soo
    • Proceedings of the KIEE Conference
    • /
    • /
    • pp.678-680
    • /
    • 2001
  • 본 연구는 탐지대상물체의 형상인식이 가능한 비접촉, 원격 탐지장치의 개발에 관한 것이다. 본 연구에서는 2극 또는 4극의 정자기장을 인가할 때 탐지 대상 물체에 의한 자기장의 자계외곡을 32개의 Hall Sensor로 감지하여 탐지 대상 물체를 인식하는 원격 감지 System을 설계하였다. 투자율에 따른 민감도는 10 이하에서 우수한 특성을 보였고 위치에 따른 민감도는 2극에서는 어느곳에 있어도 특성이 좋았고 4극에서는 중심에서는 특성이 좋지 않으나 물체가 센서 가까이에 있을 때 특성이 좋았다.

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